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  • The Queensland State Government has once again forgotten about our border community.

    We still don't know the plan for border locals when Queensland's 80% vaccination target is reached.

    We have repeatedly called on the State Government to release the special arrangements for our border community.

    Once again on Monday, the Premier was asked about the border zone and special allowances for the border community.

    Her response: "Look, I'll look into that, but probably not at this stage".

    Our community deserves better.

    We deserve to know when normal activities can resume, including community sport, the return of the previous, safe border bubble, and to be exempt from the 72-hour testing requirement.

    It was unfair that our community is being asked to pay this border toll when we reach the 80% vaccination rate.

    For example, your average family of four could have been slugged $600+ every three days just for crossing to see family or friends.

    We know the Premier did not pay for her own test when she left the state because it was for work. Border residents also need to cross for work, school, medical appointments and other normal daily tasks.

    Update: I'm pleased that since launching this petition, we have secured a small win and people will not be burdened with the cost of the Queensland Government’s testing requirement.

    However, border locals still need the State Government to release the plan for our border community, so that we can be guaranteed an exemption from testing, and the ability to cross for recreational purposes, including supporting small and family businesses in Coolangatta.

    Next week is the last opportunity for this petition to be tabled in the Queensland Parliament.

    I will not stop fighting for our community.

    Please sign this petition calling on the Queensland Labor Government to:

    1. Release the plan for border communities
    2. Exempt border locals from the 72-hour testing requirement
    3. Reinstate our previous, safe border bubble (including community sport and to support local businesses)

    Please help give our border community the certainty we deserve by sharing this widely and signing today!

    Thank you for your support.

    Laura Gerber MP
    LNP Member for Currumbin
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